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"Hello, I'm Shahriyar Hosen, a versatile professional skilled in website development, graphics design, data entry, Android app development, and social media marketing. I create visually captivating websites and graphics, ensure precise data management, develop user-friendly Android apps, and implement strategic social media campaigns to elevate your online presence effectively."

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My Skills.

Html 95%
Css 90%
Js 60%
PHP 80%
Wordpress Tools 95%
Adobe Photoshop 65%
Illustrator 80%

My Experience

Android Apps Developer


Since 2018, I've thrived as a freelance Android app developer, crafting intuitive applications that blend creativity with functionality. With a passion for innovation and user-centric design, I specialize in delivering seamless digital experiences tailored to meet diverse client needs.

Website Developer


Since 2017, I've excelled as a freelance website developer, creating dynamic and responsive websites that enhance user engagement and reflect brand identity. With a focus on quality and innovation, I deliver tailored solutions that meet client objectives effectively.

Graphic Designer


Since 2017, I've been passionately freelancing as a graphic designer, crafting impactful visual identities and designs that resonate with clients' brands. I specialize in creating compelling graphics that communicate messages effectively and leave a lasting impression.

Data Entry Operator


Since 2018, I've specialized as a freelance data entry operator, ensuring meticulous accuracy and efficiency in managing and organizing information. With a commitment to quality and timeliness, I support businesses in maintaining smooth operations and data integrity.

Digital Marketer


Since 2019, I've thrived as a freelance digital marketer, crafting strategic campaigns to boost online presence and engagement. With a focus on ROI-driven results, I leverage SEO, social media, and content marketing to elevate brands and drive growth in competitive landscapes.

Social Media Expert


Since 2014, I've excelled as a freelance social media expert, driving engagement and growth for diverse brands. With a deep understanding of platform dynamics and analytics, I create tailored strategies that maximize visibility, foster community, and achieve impactful results.

My Services


Data Entry

Data entry services tailored to meet your business needs with guaranteed.


Digital Marketing

Strategic digital marketing solutions for enhancing online presence and engagement.


Content Managment

Efficient content management solutions to optimize organization and accessibility online.


Web Development

Crafting custom websites that elevate your brand and engage users effectively.


App Development

Creating intuitive mobile applications tailored to meet your specific business needs.


Graphics Design

Crafting impactful visual designs that enhance brand identity and communication.

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